Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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By Celine

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Monday, May 4, 2009

World War on Google Earth

What can be done on google earth? Thing come out from my mind is game but it can link with the hottest idea in 2000 century which is social networking. Since google eart provide us the virtual earth. We can do anything on top of it right. We can rotate,split,stretch and finally boom the earth. Cool men...So why not we create a World War Game on Google Earth. since google already provide drawing feature for user to draw building on it. Then we just need to make animation on it. Create 3D ppl on it.

War Game
Player can register their house and draw their house on it. Then trying to protect their house and country. Thus, the war location is same as our earth. Player can be soldier when there is a war or can attact another country.

Social networking
Individual have their own identity in the virtual world. So you can do anything that you are not dare to do in real world for example boy wanted to tackle a girl but he scare on real worth. It can be done there. Whatelse...

Animation on Google Earth
Finally i found out the google earth api and demo