Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Attractive Tourism in Google Earth

Create tour in google earth for all tourist attraction.
  • Bring tourist to go arround tourist attraction.
  • Youtube included for more interactive.
  • Search engine looking for place to go example shopping, outlet, night market,night scene, beach...
Thing to do
  • Collect tourist attraction information.
  • Build all the 3D building for tourist attraction in google earth. It not only building. 3D can be table, swimming poor, car... All Objects.
  • Make movie in youtube.
Money channel Hotel, Restaurant, Government Tourism
  • Specialist tourism IT department for government.
  • Search nearest hotel.
  • Build 3d hotel for them. Information and youtube intro the hotel. Then bring customer to their hotel home page.
  • Ocean feature in google earth is focus on educate ppl importance of environmental protection. Help government to educate ppl, submit geographical data for research. See the youtube Google earth 5 launch event to know more about ocean.

Technically work!!! Totally not an issue.
It easier than war game in google earth. Start this phase first for training our guy to get use to google earth technology. Prepare for the second phase of social networking and war game.

  • Using SketchUp to draw 3d building and integrate to google earth.
  • Export kmz file for ppl download.
Next - How to import it to google earth to make it share with all users. No need download individual file to view. Because it can be public in google servel or private in individual kmz file.

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