Saturday, January 2, 2010

J2ME HttpConnection issue

J2ME HttpConnection issue when testing with Digi telco and Sony Ericsson W810i

I am wondering why Lwuit-Makeover is able to connect but my own application can not. Then i found out that my application need to run in Internet setting but Lwuit-Makeover just need WAP setting.

If request connection setting from telco, they will send you the following setting.
  • Digi Streaming
  • Digi Internet
  • Digi MMS
  • Digi WAP
My personal experience about requesting the Digi internet setting. I had make more than 10 times to request Digi Internet setting. First few time failed was because of the "data account full...". Then i browsed to data comm.->data account to delete all the settings. After that, finally i can install successfully with those settings BUT there was no internet setting... So I kept on calling them to send me the internet setting. After few times request i met a guy who suggested to send only internet setting and not like previously send all settings(MMS,WAP,STREAMING, INTERNET...) in once. It work!!! Thanks guy.

  • "Setting for java" can be WAP setting.
  • Internally this application use api and Get method to make connection.

My own application
  • "Setting for java" does not work with WAP setting. It need internet setting.
  • I use (HttpConnection)"http://.."); and writebyte method to make connection.
Is it mean that WAP only work for GET and internet setting is able to work with writebyte? I still need time to figure out what so special in

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