Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Comparison of Jasper and Birt

There are 2 famous Java Reporting tools which are Jasper( free ) / Jasper server and Birt( free ) from Eclipse/Birt Exchange from Actuate. You can consider the following points when selecting the java reporting for your project.

Drawback of Birt
1) Jasper ui is pixel base so you can get exactly what you see what you get but Birt is not. Issue in receipt printing for those location and allignment is fixed.
2) Eclipse designer problem. You have to erase the whole filter and add again. The changes will not be reflected if you just modify from there.
3) Output is different in Eclipse designer and real deployment when play with complex subreport.
4) White space between row.

Drawback of Jasper
1) The subreport has to use whole row in main report but Birt not neccessary. Not really consider drawback of jasper because subreport is not really useful because of the performance issue.
2) File size is big for embedding to your project because of the wizard and view page (i think).

Advantage of Birt
1) Provide Wizard to create input screen in ajax.
2) View reporting page is provided so programmer no need to code the output screen. But have to do the security part.

Jasper is the winner because it will not create many issue like Birt for programmer.


Anonymous said...

Good Day,
Wish to know which one is better support of Swing application & POJO.

j6 said...

Sure is Jasper because Jasper is just some jar files. Birt give you a web application that need to deploy to tomcat.