Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sanjiv is back with SmartGWT

The God of GWT wrapper is back. Sanjiv is going to wrap another 3rd party UI library which is SmartClient. This time the SmartClient is more rich than Ext Js. But i felt slow when browsing through the showcase. It is still the problem of GWT. Or it because of wrapper wich does not take advantage of GWT javascript optimisation in compilation. Here is the showcare.

After the Issue happened in GwtExt, the first thing we need to see is the licensing issue. SmartGWT and the underlying SmartClient library are LGPL, free for use inside commercial, closed source applications without payment of any kind. Sound ok. Hope he found the right way to go this time.
SmartClient does provide web visual builder also. It sound really comprehensive. Here is the video to showoff.

Some of the points and question coming out in my mind...

1)Is GwtExt going to end soon?
2)It is just the wrapper like GwtExt. It does not fully use the power of GWT like javascript optimisation and more...
3)Can Sanjiv be trusted this time?
If you are just the simple user. you should use SmartClient. If you are professional technology java guy. you should not consider this because you learn nothing. I still will choose ExtGwt. It is because it build up from native google api. We can learn the code from there and change the code if anything happen which you can't do anything with GwtExt and this SmartGWT.

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